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dybdekurs i designdrevet innovasjon


WORK | Jeg tilbyr nå dybdekurs i designdrevet innovasjon i samarbeid med DOGA. Designdrevet innovasjon er en systematisk prosess for å løse en utfordring og er for alle som ønsker å utforske nye måter å jobbe med innovasjon og omstilling på. I dette kurset lærer du en metode som vil hjelpe deg og dine kolleger til å tenke nytt, og som vil forandre måten dere utvikler produkter og tjenester på. Dere vil jobbe med å løse en reell utfordring fra deres egen virksomhet. Etter kurset vil dere ha et brukertestet løsningsforslag og en plan for hvordan det kan realiseres. Kurset går over 6 moduler og hver modul tar 3,5 timer. Kurset er utviklet av DOGA Design og arkitektur Norge.

Ta kontakt for mer informasjon til bodil.mostad@gmail.com

naturetur – eatnemevööstede


WORK | Naturetur is an upcoming exhibition set to debut at Sverresborg, Trøndelag Folkemuseum on February 24, 2024. This innovative showcase blends tradition with contemporary perspectives, offering a captivating exploration of nature’s abundance. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of utilising natural materials in Norwegian craftsmanship, Naturetur honours this age-old practice while highlighting the modern imperative to nurture and protect our environment. Through a curated collection of artworks by 17 artists, the exhibition explores the intricate relationship between humans and nature.

As the designer entrusted with crafting the visual communication for this project, I have had the privilege of creating a series of visually striking pieces designed to invite, captivate and inspire audiences. See more from the book here.

Heartfelt thanks from Cirka Teater


WORK | At the recent launch of the Cirka Teater jubilee book, I was deeply touched by a heartfelt message from Anne Marit and Gilles. In their note, they expressed sincere gratitude for our collaboration and my constant support, professionalism, and dedication throughout the process. See the book here.

Book launch and celebration at Vega Scene in Oslo


WORK | The 300-page jubilee book for Cirka Teater is printed and was launched at Vega Scene on October 14. Through interviews, pictures, and music, the story of Cirka Teater was shared. The book is a combination of Cirka Teater’s «autobiography,» authored by Anne Marit Sæther, and an anthology featuring articles by theater directors, actors, musicians, critics, producers, and organisers. I have designed the book which is enriched with anecdotes and illustrated with over four hundred photographs and drawings. See more from the book here.

Anne Marit Sæther and Gilles Berger started Cirka Teater in Trondheim in 1984. Over the course of forty years and numerous productions, they have crafted their own artistic expression, encompassing large, spectacular outdoor events, playful fables, and poetic narratives.

New book for cirka teater


WORK | Cirka Teater is celebrating 40 years of theater, and I had the honor of creating the anniversary book. It is currently in development and will be an autobiography written by Anne Marit Sæther, in addition to an anthology featuring articles by theater directors, actors, directors, musicians, producers, and organizers. The book will be enriched with anecdotes and illustrated with over 400 photographs and drawings. In September, 300 pages will go to print.

We are thrilled.

visual identity for the querini opera


WORK | Pietro Querini, a 15th-century sailing captain from Venice, was shipwrecked at Røst during the winter of 1432. The plot of the Querini opera centres around the stark contrast between the modest living conditions of northern Norway and the opulent lifestyle of Venice.

The visual identity of the opera captures these contrasts through the use of colours, typography, imagery, and proportions. You can see more of the opera’s visual identity here.



WORK | In 2022, the year was primarily characterized by the completion of my doctoral degree, the Viva voce examination, minor adjustments, submission, and graduation. However, my life as a book and identity designer is gradually starting to mirror the annual report.

Doctor Bodil Mostad Olsen


PhD | Today I have officially been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Many thanks to the University of Reading and the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication for the opportunity to be part of the research culture. It has been a challenging and exciting journey with tons of knowledge, archival, structuring, discussions, thinking and writing, including a pandemic.

WORKSHOP; new visual identity for the QUERINI OPERA


WORK | After three successful performances at Røst, the Querini Opera has been invited to perform at Arsenale Nord in Venice in October 2023. The venue is a former shipyard from the 1400s with high ceilings and large archways, providing a unique and dramatic setting for the opera.

I am hired to develop the visual identity for the opera. Together with Hildegunn Pettersen, Raine Nilsen and Monica Stendahl Rokne, we started with a one-day workshop defining the vision, aim and desired personality for the identity of the opera.

«Hode, hjerte, hånd. Steinerskolen i trondheim 50 år» is printed and launched


WORK | At the same time I was finalising my thesis, I designed a book for Steinerskolen in Trondheim, which celebrated its 50th anniversary. It has been a great and exciting project and a pleasure working with author Anne Lise Aakervik. The book was launched after an excellent performance in Olavshallen on 5 October 2022, including all the pupils from the school. See more from the book.