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Book launch and celebration at Vega Scene in Oslo


WORK | The 300-page jubilee book for Cirka Teater is printed and was launched at Vega Scene on October 14. Through interviews, pictures, and music, the story of Cirka Teater was shared. The book is a combination of Cirka Teater’s «autobiography,» authored by Anne Marit Sæther, and an anthology featuring articles by theater directors, actors, musicians, critics, producers, and organisers. I have designed the book which is enriched with anecdotes and illustrated with over four hundred photographs and drawings. See more from the book here.

Anne Marit Sæther and Gilles Berger started Cirka Teater in Trondheim in 1984. Over the course of forty years and numerous productions, they have crafted their own artistic expression, encompassing large, spectacular outdoor events, playful fables, and poetic narratives.