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«Hode, hjerte, hånd. Steinerskolen i trondheim 50 år» is printed and launched


WORK | At the same time I was finalising my thesis, I designed a book for Steinerskolen in Trondheim, which celebrated its 50th anniversary. It has been a great and exciting project and a pleasure working with author Anne Lise Aakervik. The book was launched after an excellent performance in Olavshallen on 5 October 2022, including all the pupils from the school.

Annual report 2020, Bodil


WORK | This year’s annual report for my own business is characterised by a year with a pandemic, lockdown, writing, frustration, face masks, rules, testing, new rules, restrictions, tiredness and difficulty focusing. Most of the time spent on working is related to the thesis, in addition to a few design projects, such as finalising the book about Selbu patterns and identity for EiP (Everything is Possible).

«selbumønster» is printed and launched


WORK | My latest book design ‘Selbumønster’ (Selbu pattern) is a beautiful book showing the diversity of the knitting tradition in Selbu. The book presents registered patterns used on garments that have been produced in the village of Selbu or sold as the brand name ‘Selbustrikk’. The book, written by Anne Bårdsgård, is a follow-up from ‘Selbuvotter” (Selbu mittens) and grounded on a similar visual expression. See more from Selbumønster.

annual report 2019, Bodil


WORK | Operating simultaneously as a graphic designer and researcher is not always easy and several days contains work from both disciplines. My everyday life inspires this year’s annual report for my own company, from the food I am eating, where I am working, what I am reading to travels, archives and preparations for new book projects.

Annual report 2018, Bodil


WORK / PERSONAL PROJECT | As my PhD is a full-time study, 2018 has been characterised by more research than design projects. The annual report for my own company is therefore visually inspired by food labels and in particular Sainsbury´s packaging design from 1950-60. The front page is part of a label from 1964 from The Sainsbury´s Archive, Museum of London Docklands.

Paper dialogues Design


WORK | I am designing material for the next Paper Dialogue exhibition. The exhibition has been shown at Today Art Museum in Bejing, Shanghai, Norway and Jersey and is now coming to Center for Papirkunst in Denmark 22 March 2019. Posters, invitations, wall text etc. are prepared for the exhibition. See the catalogue and the Paper Dialogues visual identity.



WORK  |  I love working with Monica and Cirka Teater, and when she was in London in February we set up a meeting. TY Seven Dials, good coffee, great food, annual report 2017, brochure and prospects.

“Trondheims tempo” is printed and launched


WORK | Always excited when a new project is finished and it´s time for review. And to be honest, we are all happy with the result. See more from Trondheims Tempo.



WORK  |  Working with Jordbærpikene for many years it was great to get the job of developing the visual identity for Bitastad Holding, who is the new owner of Jordbærpikene. Bitastad is a serious, active and prospective owner of companies in food and service. It has been important to convey this using good typography, elements of “motion” in the logo and a color palette that is both solid and playful. See more from the Bitastad visual identity here.

Design and curation of an exhibition in The Archbishop’s Palace Museum.


WORK  |  I am part of a group called KultSign which is an interdisciplinary group that work like an agency, with focus on information and communication for various cultural activities. In KultSign we also initiate our own interdisciplinary cultural projects. KultSign consists of visual artist/photographer Eskil Roll, author/copywriter Gunn Merete Roll and myself. We collaborate with filmmakers, web designers and architects on various projects.

We are here preparing an exhibition in The Archbishop’s Palace Museum. The exhibition is called Møter (Meetings) and is a photo exhibition about the joy of walking, the happiness of arriving, and about the meetings along the way. Visually this exhibition is between art photography and documentary photo, – documentary in relation to content, artistic in terms of expression. In addition to offer inspiration and information about nature and culture adventures in Norway in general, it has  a specific focus on hiking on the ancient pilgrim paths.

We are excited to welcome The Norwegian Minister of Culture Linda Hofstad Helland who will open our exhibition on July 28.