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100 000,- NOK from Grafill


PHD | Very happy and very grateful, receiving 100 000,- NOK regarding my PhD and research of food labels from 1850 with a particular focus on health messages.

Presenting my research project at “The ephemera of food packaging” workshop


PHD | Workshop and talks regarding the ephemera of food packaging at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading 28 November 2018. Michael Twyman, Alison Black, Guy Baxter, Julie-Anne Lambert and myself. Great inspiration and fascinating exhibition showing food-related ephemera and books.

Confirmation of Registration


PHD RESEARCH  |  Monday October 8 at 12.00. Handing in the confirmation of registration; Developing a descriptive framework for food labelling.



PHD RESEARCH  |  Talking about my food label project so far, how I am working in order to get a better understanding of verbal and pictorial narratives that are relevant to health. Here giving an explanation of nutrition claims, health claims and terms.

Research seminar at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading, 17 May 2018.



PHD RESEARCH  |  Working on my seminar paper; A study of front-of-package food labels, with particular reference to use of the term ‘pure’, a part of the research seminar at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading, 17 May 2018.

Today there are contested opinions about the impact of nutrition and health claims on front-of-package food labels on consumer behaviour. To understand the integration and the reasons for these claims, an understanding of the historical context is necessary. As part of my research project, which involves a diachronic study of food labels in Britain from 1850–1970, this seminar paper will draw attention to the term ‘Pure’ and analyse how the word is presented on labels taking account of the context in which they were produced. Read the paper: Bodil Mostad Olsen_Seminar 17.05.2018

Mustard label from c. 1870, ©Bodleian Library, University of Oxford 2008: John Johnson Collection.




PHD RESEARCH  |  Visiting Denmark Sugar Museum in Nakskov, Loland Falster.

phd life


PHD RESEARCH | I have been living and studying in Reading for about three months; reading books, papers and articles, collecting food labels, ads and menus, I have travelled to Oxford, Norwich and Lodon, reading and working in cafes and on the train, visiting libraries and The Heritage Advertising Trust, I have attended Michael Twyman´s brilliant lectures, discussing with my supervisors, attending talks, I have been excited, happy and sometimes tired, I have visited museums, exhibitions and galleries, I have bought coffees and books – too many, I have walked and I have talked…

PhD life 

my everyday life will change from september 2017. Phd research at the university of reading.


PHD RESEARCH | Sometimes it´s exciting to turn your life upside down, think new thoughts and just do it. My life will change quite dramatically though I have been offered a place to study for a PhD in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading from September 2017. Through my research I will look into how the change of food availability and development of human health has affected verbal and pictorial narratives that are relevant to health on front-of-package food labels in Britain from 1850 – 1970. I´m excited, a bit scared and very happy to have been given this possibility.