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Working with Georg Jensen and Karen Bit Vejle. «A BIT OF EASTER»


GeorgJensen23401024_a_bit_of_easter_tealights_2_pcs kopi

WORK | With extreme accuracy I have converted Karen Bit Vejle’s beautiful paper cut art to correct originals. 6 products are manufactured in polished stainless steel for Georg Jensen’s easter collection 2014, A bit of easter.

Karen Bit Vejles form of expression, psaligraphy, literally means the art of drawing or painting with scissors. Her magical cuttings in the travelling exhibition Scissors for a Brush, are rooted in a tradition that has known a long journey through history. But she has created a personal style and technique that are entirely her own. For more than 35 years she has been absorbed, fascinated, and deeply committed to this art form that developed from small, simple snowflakes to unusually large and highly complex image cuttings. She is one of very few in Europe who can cut at such an advanced technical and artistic level. There is a great degree of humour in Karen Bit Vejle’s world of imagery; humour and the ability to identify joy in small things. Just as often, though, she confronts deep seriousness and themes intended to invoke involvement and reflection. Her works are captivating surprise packages. By meeting Karen Bit Vejle’s images of air and paper we can find ourselves both surprised and inspired! (Text about Bit: www.georgjensen.com/europe/designer/karen-bit-vejle/See more from Bit, or browse her own website.

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