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phd life


PHD RESEARCH | I have been living and studying in Reading for about three months; reading books, papers and articles, collecting food labels, ads and menus, I have travelled to Oxford, Norwich and Lodon, reading and working in cafes and on the train, visiting libraries and The Heritage Advertising Trust, I have attended Michael Twyman´s brilliant lectures, discussing with my supervisors, attending talks, I have been excited, happy and sometimes tired, I have visited museums, exhibitions and galleries, I have bought coffees and books – too many, I have walked and I have talked…

PhD life 

my everyday life will change from september 2017. Phd research at the university of reading.


PHD RESEARCH | Sometimes it´s exciting to turn your life upside down, think new thoughts and just do it. My life will change quite dramatically though I have been offered a place to study for a PhD in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading from September 2017. Through my research I will look into how the change of food availability and development of human health has affected verbal and pictorial narratives that are relevant to health on front-of-package food labels in Britain from 1850 – 1970. I´m excited, a bit scared and very happy to have been given this possibility.