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WORK | Looking back to my first trip to Beijing in September 2011 where the idea was to establish contacts for a common paper clip exhibition with Karen Bit Vejle and Xiaoguang Qiao, the project is now a reality. After 3 years of continuous work both for the artists and the project group, the first Paper Dialogues exhibition opens at Today Art Museum in Beijing October 1. Furthermore, it goes to Shanghai, Oslo and Trondheim. Besides being part of the project group, I work with the visual appearance of the exhibition; catalog, marketing materials and parts of the exhibition rooms. It has been a challenging job to get Western and Chinese typography to work together, and it has therefore been important to research both Western and Chinese books, typography, images, and paper. All the material is now almost completed and sent to China for finishing. It will be very exciting to come to Beijing in early October for both to attend the exhibition opening and see my own work complete and ready for use.